Hi, I am Brad.

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the College of Business at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. My main area of instruction is in Data Analytics, as well as teaching the very popular Sport Analytics (SPT 313) course. 

My research focuses on using big data, the R programming language, and analytics to explore the impact of professional sport stadiums on neighboring communities. I use the proprietary Zillow ZTRAX database as well as U.S. Census and other forms of data to create robust, applied, and useful insight into how best to protect those living in areas where stadiums are proposed for construction.

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Why Have A Blog?

This website and blog is a natural extension of my love for teaching.

As mentioned above, I am currently an Assistant Professor and my absolute favorite classes to teach are my Analytics and Sport Analytics courses.

Because of that, I wanted to use my expertise and passion for data science, analytics, and visualization to create a digital space to help people from all walks of life move from beginning coders in the R programming language to competent and innovative leaders in the world of analytics.