Fiverr Backlinks: Purchasing Your Way To The Top?

There is plenty of conversation about the ill effects you are likely to witness if you purchase Fiverr backlinks to try to increase your rankings in Google SERPS.

For example, this Reddit thread is full of people basically saying that Fiverr backlinks will only harm your rankings, instead of help.

Well, I am more of a tester rather than a listener.

Because of that, I want to do a quick case study on the effects of Fiverr backlinks on a specific blog post from another site I help run, Through The Fence Baseball.

A few months back, a post was put on the blog that focused on driving traffic to Amazon related to the keyword “best baseball gloves.”

It is, obviously, an attempt at content marketing for the sole purpose of driving traffic to Amazon for its associate program.

The keyword “best baseball gloves” is, actually, a solid keyword to focus on as well.

You can see that, according to Ahrefs, the keyword “best baseball gloves” is classified as ‘easy’ – meaning that the post would require relatively few backlinks to break into the Top 10 of Google search results.

More importantly, however, was the fact that the keyword draws roughly 1,600 searches per month. Not too shabby for a keyword that could be considered “low hanging fruit” based on the amount of backlink work needed.

Best Baseball Gloves: SERPS

According to, again, Ahrefs, the top website result for ‘best baseball gloves’ is BaseballMoneky – with a measly six backlinks from a total of five different domains.

BaseballMonkey also has the featured snippet in the SERPs as well.

The majority of the top ten websites have few backlinks, with the exception PineTarPress, which is pushing just under 80 backlinks from 19 different domains.

So, yeah – it seems that a minimal amount of backlinks can pay off big dividends here.

Out of curiosity, though, let’s examine what type of domains are pointing back to BaseballMonkey, the top result for the keyword ‘best baseball gloves.’

Top Result: Backlinking Domains

As you can see, the backlink profile of the top SERP for “best baseball gloves” isn’t what I could consider exceptionally strong.

I would also like to point out that the only time I take the “DR” into consideration is when looking at the competition’s backlinking profile.

In this specific case, the “DR” – or the domain rating, which indicates how much ‘juice’ the backlink is pushing to the site – are not strong either. The highest is 49, and one of the websites – the keyword suggestion tool – isn’t exactly a backlink that correlates to the subject matter.

All in all, this furthers my belief that the required amount of backlinks to rank for ‘best baseball gloves’ is minimal, at best.

Current Ranking for ‘Best Baseball Gloves’

In order to properly run this experiment, we first have to to know where Through The Fence Baseball ranks for the keyword ‘best baseball gloves.’


If you want to see the graph larger, give it a click.

As you can see, the blog post using the keyword “best baseball gloves” was ranked as high as #16 not long after its posting.

However, it has since come to rest in the low 30s.

And, of course, that isn’t going to be of any help as most people – if not all – won’t scroll that far into Google results.

So, yes: we need some backlink power to get that post to continue to climb.

And, just for clarification purposes, this is the current backlink profile of the post as of August 7, 2019:

The post currently has one backlink – which is, strangely, coming from an odd Russian site.

I considered disavowing the link through Google, but have decided to let it stay until I run this test with Fiverr backlinks.

Purchasing Fiverr Backlinks

Man, I gotta tell you …. Fiverr backlink services are truly a swamp.

It took me a while to find a service that I thought seemed reasonable.

To that end, I decided on a provider with over 1,000 reviews for his services.

For $5, he promises to provide 50 contextual, do-follow backlinks on pages with a domain authority over 60.

Well, OK then!


The Results From Fiverr

It didn’t take long to receive the results from my Fiverr gig.

Which is actually kind of worrying, as normal/manual backlinking can be a painfully slow process.

I placed my order, as seen above, at 11:56am … I had my backlinks completed by 7:00pm that evening.

The creator of the gig let me know he did a total of 73 backlinks for me, or 23 more for free compared to what I paid for.

Nice, right?

Greetings from the person who created my Fiverr backlinks

But, as you can imagine, most of – if not ALL – the links I received for $5 were absolute, complete junk.

Just take a look for yourself.


So, yeah – he totally didn’t lie. He got me 73 backlinks.

But, most of them are worthless junk.

For example, take a look at this:

This is from some sort of random Shutterfly blog. I am not exactly sure what it is, which should tell you immediately that the backlink isn’t high quality.

That being said: you can see my keyword of “best baseball gloves” at the top of the article that links out to the page on Through The Fence Baseball.

After that is what, I assume, is an automatically spun/produced article about baseball gloves. It is mostly gibberish and doesn’t provide any kind of value at all.

This is pretty sloppy stuff here, folks.

Do Fiverr Backlinks Help or Hurt Rankings?

Well, now that I have purchased the links, we have to wait.

I will continuously update this post as my rankings move up – but probably down – after purchasing backlinks off of Fiverr.

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