nfl play by play data

NFL Play by Play Data: Full Access in 3 Easy Steps

Getting NFL play by play data is a key part of doing sports analytics. Thankfully, getting access to NFL play by play data is now easier than ever.

Please note, I have a complete guide titled A Beginner’s Guide to NFL Analytics: Getting Started with nflfastR and RStudio. It will help you figure out how to analyze everything once you do get access to the NFL play by play data.

Getting NFL Play by Play Data: 3 Easy Steps

  1. Install R and RStudio.
  2. Install and load the tidyverse and nflfastR packages.
  3. Run this code: data <- nflfastR::load_pbp(2021).

And, after running, you will have access to all of the 2021 NFL play by play data. Of course, you can substitute any year (or range of years) in the above code to meet your needs.

Getting NFL Play by Play Data: An Alternative Method

If using R and RStudio is not for you, you can easily grab the play-by-play for individual games by heading over to NFL Game Data.

While it is certainly easier than going the RStudio route, you do lose the ability to get access to a full season worth of NFL data in one fell swoop like you would otherwise.

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