Let Me Help You Build An Academic Website

My passion for the area of web design (specifically with WordPress) was created when a close friend and I founded Through The Fence Baseball in 2010. What started off as a side hobby for both of us turned into something much larger.

The website is now run under an LLC banner, of which I serve as the CTO. Since the founding of our blog, I am quite proud of our growth. For example:

We have over 3,000,000 page views.

We have over 1,500,000 sessions.

We have over 1,200,000 users.

The learning process has been a lot of trial and error over the years. But, honestly: we now consider ourselves pretty seasoned veterans. I think our rankings on Google support that. For example:

The site ranks for over 11,000 organic keywords.

We have hundreds of #1 rankings on Google for keywords with search volumes upwards of 10,000/month.

Now I Want To Help Fellow Academics Get Found on the Web

We all pour our heart and soul into our research.

We want it to be discovered. Read. Enjoyed.

The biggest first step to doing that is the creation of your own personal academic website.

And I am not talking about LinkedIn. Our Academia. Or some other ’round-peg, square-hole” thing.

I am talking about a customized, 100% unique website with your branded domain name.

And, in doing so, I want to make sure your website is 100% optimized so people find you on Google search when they are looking for relevant terms.