My Work

The vast majority of my statistical work is done using R (and, of course, RStudio). Most of my data is pulled from the nflscrapR project.

An animated win-probability chart – Colt vs. Steelers, 2019, Week 9:
**Note: I generally produce these charts for every game, every week and place them on /r/nfl … a great reddit community for pro football discussion.

Taking a Look at the Receiving Depth of Target vs. EPA for WRs, TEs, and RBs in the AFC North through Week 9 of the 2019 Season

A look at QB Success Rate and EPA/Play through Week 9 of the 2019 Season:

Examining the Success Rate and EPA/Play for every QB in the AFC East (with at least 50 attempts) from the 2009 season to Week 9 of the 2019 season.
**Note: Brady might not be that bad of a QB, after all.

A different variation of the QB efficiency metric, looking at league-wide EPA per Dropback through Week #9 of the 2019 season
**Note: Sorry Jets fans. Woof.

The competing Average EPA of Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster during the 2018 season

The Run Location against Yards Gained for the Leading 2018 Running Backs

A ‘prettier’ way of looking at the 2018 Season Yards Per Carry Distribution