1. An examination of NFL 2018 EPA among QBs, RBs, and WRs in correlation with yearly-based salary. The paper proposes to answer whether or not certain positions, or specific players, were overpaid based on ‘expected points added’ per play.

  2. A historical examination (dating back to 2009) of the trend towards pass-heavy offenses in the NFL, specifically exploring the acceptance the ‘Air Yards’ as the go-to analytical message for measuring the success of NFL WRs.
  3. An examination, dating back to 2009 season, of the EPA and Success Rate of all rookie QBs with a minimum of 100 attempts through the season. The paper will explore modern football’s desire to start rookie QBs immediately (ie. Daniel Jones), rather than the “sit and learn” approach (ie. Rodgers and Farve).

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